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Before the "Perfect" 2LP & CD,, there were 2 versions of the album that were scrapped. There were also different versions of the songs that made the album's final trackisting when it was finally released in 2017.

This "PRFCT: 初版とデモ版" Casette contains first/demo versions that were either never finalized or never officially released, until now. 

Slated to be released on the 5th anniversary of "Perfect" in 2022, this project was delayed due to a slight manufacturer's "defect" which has since been resolved. One could say it officially lives up to the whole concept of "Prfct Imperctions". 


  • Upon Reciept, a link to a free digital download of this project will be emailed to you to enjoy on your device.
  • Limted Press. Once they're gone, they're gone. Enjoy!



PRFCT: 初版とデモ版 (5Year Anniversary Version)

  • SIDE A:

    • A1-Bam! (2014, Original Album Intro),
    • A2-Inheritence (2016, Original Demo Version)
    • A3-Shine (2014, 6th & Alvarado Demo Version)
    • A4-Kareem Huxtable (2013, 12 O'clok Oaktown Version)
    • A5-Digits (2014, 1st Trial Version)

    SIDE B:

    • B1-Equation (2016, OG LBC Version)
    • B2-Warm Feet (2004 Original XTC Version) 
    • B3-Kareem Huxtable (2013, Roy Royal Remix) 
    • B4-Dear You, (2015, OG Vibrate Demo 3000 Version)
    • B5-Kareem Huxable (2011, OriginalDemoVersion)
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